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Hire students in your neighborhood. Inspire a future leader.

Grindstone allows you to connect with the students in your neighborhood, whether it’s to organize your closet or to build a website. 

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Meet our customers


"I have been thoroughly surprised and encouraged by the amount of talented students that have come aboard to our BraveMaker team through Grindstone. Grindstone is a perfect app to find young, emerging talent that wouldn’t be found in normal avenues I would usually post our jobs."

Tony Gapastione, Executive Director of BraveMaker


"Grindstone is a great way to hire our local students.  I have used this service several times to assist with my real estate service.   I have been 100 percent pleased every time."

Carrie Du Bois, Local Realtor 

Connecting you with the students you never knew existed

Today's students are more ambitious than ever. The only problem is, you may not know where to find them. Now with Grindstone, you can connect with them easier than ever.


Offer jobs to your neighbors, not random people on the internet

Students in every community are eager to help. When you hire on Grindstone you’re not hiring someone random, you are hiring a teen in your neighborhood.

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What can you post on Grindstone?

You can post a listing for anything you need help with. You can find volunteers, Interns, and gig workers. Most importantly we want to encourage unique opportunities for the youth!

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