A niche marketplace for local young talent.


Wedding photographers to babysitters high schoolers have lots of secret talents and can help you with many of your needs. 

Who you're hiring


Talia is a babysitter, organizer, and tutor. She has tutored and babysat for dozens of families. She loves working with kids and kids loving being with Talia.


Joey has been playing trumpet for over 6 years. You can find his music on Soundcloud and Spotify. Hire him as a trumpet tutor or to play live music at your party


Dantony has been hired at footlocker for his knowledge in shoes.  On the side he loves working with computers and he does freelance design work. He can make your next logo!


Matthew can film anything from your birthday party to a company event.  He has learnt these skills through years of filming events for robotics club and various other projects