Job Fair COVID-19 Cancellation Update

Hello there,


Firstly, let me say that I hope you and your families are safe and healthy.  I can only imagine what a trying time this is as a business owner.  


I wanted to share with you our disappointment at having to cancel our Carlmont job fair on April 22nd.   We had a pool of talented teens eager to meet with you and share their experiences in the hope of finding a mutual match for your opportunities.  If you have already donated to the job fair, we will refund you by April 10th.  Thank you for your support. 


There is no playbook for what is happening right now, and we realized that we must unwind what we have learned about the hiring process and reset the way we think about connecting people to jobs.


As a junior in Carlmont, I too have been taking some time to reimagine the future of work.  Last summer, I founded Grindstone, a mobile platform for teens and local businesses to connect through job opportunities.  The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated our development roadmap, and we are excited to share that we plan to launch our first release of Grindstone is mid-April.   Knowing that generationally, today’s teens look to apps with sleek, yet simple interfaces to connect online, we’ve created a user experience to bridge the gap for teens looking for work and for local businesses to reduce the time, cost and effort to attract, hire and onboard hourly workers.  Think meets Instagram. 


Grindstone is free to use – You can create a profile here.  Your profile opens up access to reliable teens willing to work in a variety of job categories from party servers to painters, baristas to babysitters and technology gurus to trumpet players.


We hope to see you on Grindstone so together we can boost our community and get our young population of hard-working teenagers working again.

Evan Ajuria | Grindstone Founder & CEO


(650) 550- 1210

Grindstone’s photos, website, marketing, and the app were all created by students you can 
Hire on Grindstone!



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