How to find motivated high schoolers

Teenagers are great workers and do not get credited enough. There are over 2 million high schoolers in just California, and a lot of that talent is not utilized. Just like in a normal society, you will find the lazy individuals, which is the same with high schoolers, but if you look in the right places, you can find great workers and very motivated teenagers.

Teenagers want to work more than ever. They are constantly figuring out how they can stand out to colleges, and year after year, that pursuit becomes more difficult. (And what teenager doesn't want to make money).

Where to find the right high schoolers?

Using the right platforms is crucial to finding the motivated high schoolers you need. Posting on Facebook or Nextdoor will land you with zero responses because high schoolers don't use those platforms.

One way you can go about it is by reaching out directly to the schools. This has been the way companies have been hiring high schoolers for years. There are certainly some flaws when working through the school. First off, to find one student, your ad has to go through administration, teachers, parents, etc., before any student hears of it. And at that point, a teen doesn't want their parent to get involved; they want to be self-sufficient.

The second way and in my opinion, the easiest and most reliable way to find students is by using a platform where you can directly connect with the students.

Grindstone is the leader in connecting high schoolers with opportunities. You can view students' profiles and see their previous experience before working with them, making the connection a better experience for both parties.



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